Useful Websites Everyone Should Know

In this article, I have listed very useful websites that everyone should know about. There are approx thousands of websites hosting on the internet every day and crossing to one billion active websites. People get lots of useful information from different websites hosted on the internet.

Many of them we use for fun, knowledge, tools, research, education, technology, lifestyle, religion & nations. And almost all the things we want to know from online websites. You can say, we are connected globally using the internet and online websites.

From all of these websites, there are some very useful websites that will help you save your time and money. Any person whose work relates to content writing or online work from any field can use these sites. If you are planning to start your own blog, then this article is for you especially. And I am sure you will get lots of help from these websites in your work.

So here are these websites. 

This website is very useful when you want to convert a website article into PDF format or want to print. As the website name suggests, is a website that makes any web page to get ready to print or convert in pdf format. And without including ads, banners-ads, side-bar links, and other things available on that web page which are not relevant to the main article. You can say that it will print or create pdf only useful content for you. This means you will save time and money in printing without including unwanted ads in the article. 

This is another and very important useful website for new bloggers and content writers. On this website, they can check their content error-free or grammar mistakes free. Bloggers can also use this website to check their articles before publishing. If you are using google chrome, then you can install the chrome extension. Extension AI checks your content with all the possible errors and gives you results with the best possible suggestions. 

The banner is an integral part of any website and social media network for promotional and header use. Sometimes we need professionals to create a banner and sometimes we need to be a professional to create one. is an online banner making tool where you don’t need any professionals or professional skill. You can make any type of banner with easy drag and drop features where you can use thousands of royalty-free images, patterns, graphics, shapes, and templates. You can download up to five banners in a month and can upgrade for unlimited access. 

This is an amazing website. Sometimes we change the font one by one of our phrases to see how it will look like in a particular font for our banner or image. Now, you can see all the font styles of your phrase in one go. You don’t need to manually go through 100+ installed fonts in your PC just to see the preview. In just type your phrase and hit enter, then you can see the preview style of your phrase with all available fonts in your PC. If you want more font styles, you can also check google font styles. You can enter a single letter or paragraph, select the highlighted style in the preview, tag, and categorize your fonts as well. 

This is a very amazing and useful online tool that converts speech to text without doing any setting for voice recognition. All you need to plug your microphone and select the language you want to speak. I have used this tool so many times and it always saves my time. You can format this text, paste in any other website or software, publish, tweet on twitter, play as sound, print on paper, email to other people. This online tool works very well and you should try it. One more thing I want to let you know about this tool that this amazing tool is created by “Amit Agarwal” – The most popular blogger in India and the owner of



This site is about to show your blog or website responsiveness in different mobiles, laptops, tabs with different resolutions. There are other sites available on the internet but this site is more accurate. The most likely thing about this site is you can pick different devices whether it is a full-size computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile and even it shows how your site will look on television. You can change screen rotation to portrait or landscape to view your site look. You can enable scrolling so that you can view a full-page using the slider. With this website, you can also check your browser and internet details like device screen resolution, your browser resolution, browser version, and IP address.



This website is a huge collection of different types and styles fonts where you can download tons of free fonts. You can select different categories associated with fonts or you can search for fonts by typeface, type of letter, and style. You can also check by putting your phrase to see how it looks in a particular font. Most of the fonts on this site are very decorative and handwritten. Most fonts are free to use for personal and commercial use, you can check the status in each font section. Downloading and installing these fonts is very easy. All you need to download, unzip the font file then right-click to the font and click install. And now it is ready to use on your PC. 


Sometimes you are writing online and you don’t find a special character to write in your note because in your keyboard there are character limitations. In this situation, is the best option where you can find thousands of special characters, emoji icons, and special icons. All you need to do only select your special character or icon and paste anywhere you want. 

If you want to know about the technology of any website then this online tool will help you very smartly. It will show you all the technologies, framework, language, tools, plugins, affiliate programs, Adsense ID used on the website till now from starting its launching. You can get information about any website and technology behind it. You can also see all the websites associated with Adsense ID if they are using on multiple websites. In simple words, if you want to get info about website earning source, technical biography, relationship with other websites then this online tool will help you. 

In a post, a great header image captures reader attention but the image can slow your website while loading. For example, a 50kb image will load faster than a 250kb image. And this photo compressor will help to reduce image size by up to 90% losing its little bit quality but it is better than any other tool or software as per my experience. This is totally free and you can convert unlimited images. Just drop your photo and press the compress button, it will generate a new compressed image for you to download and use in your blog post. I also use this online tool for compressing images before posting.


So, these are the top sites very useful, handy, and easy to work with. If you feel, we should add more sites then let us know by posting your comments in the comment box. And if you like this post, share with your friends and colleagues so everyone can get help from these free websites and can save their lots of time.

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