Top 10 Earning Youtubers in the World 2020

Do you know how much money earning from YouTube? We will let you know about the Top 10 Earning YouTubers in the World.

Role of Social Media in Daily Life

Every social media network like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and LinkedIn is giving a feature to upload, view, and share videos but YouTube has its own position number #1. As of today, YouTube is the most-watched video broadcasting site in the world. People are spending their time on YouTube to grab new information and want to learn every day something new. Most people use YouTube just for fun by spending their time on funny videos, prank videos, relaxing videos, etc. 

YouTube is ranked 2 by Alexa Global rank. By its popularity, it has become the 2nd largest social media network where you upload, tag and share your videos to worldwide.

But can you imagine, people like you and me are earning millions of dollars just by uploading and sharing their videos worldwide?

Yes, this is true because YouTube gives a platform where anyone can upload videos and earn a good income from here. With earning, people are getting an opportunity to become popular and huge fan following around the world. Even women and kids are earning thousands of dollars from YouTube.

So, here is a list of the top 10 YouTubers in the world with the highest-earning.

Name Channel Name Monthly Earning Yearly Earning Subscribers
Daniel Middleton DanTDM $1,375,000 $16.5 Million 23.85+ M
Evan Fong VanossGaming $1,291,000 $15.5 Million 25.31+ M
Cory & Cobby Dude Perfect $1,166,000 $14 Million 53.67+ M
Logan Paul Logan Paul Vlogs $1,041,000 $12.5 Million 22.48+ M
Mark Fischbach Markiplier $1,041,000 $12.5 Million 27.02+ M
Felix Kjellberg PewDiePie $1,000,000 $12 Million 107.04+ M
Jake Paul Jake Paul $958,000 $11.5 Million 20.39+ M
Ryan Ryan ToysReview $916,000 $11 Million 26.77+ M
Ian & Daniel Smosh $916,000 $11 Million 25.13+ M
Lilli Singh IISuperwomanII $875,000 $10.5 Million 14.92+ M


1. Daniel Middleton (DanTDM

DanTDM is the number Youtube Channel if we talk about the highest income from YouTube. And Daniel Robert Middleton is a 27 years British YouTuber Personality, professional gamer, and author. In his videos, he has covered many games especially the most popular game Minecraft. He has also topped the Forbes list of highest-paid YouTubers. His channel completed 100,000 subscribers in June 2013. He also holds the Guinness Book World record for the highest score in the game Rocket League.


  • Monthly Earning: $1,375,000 (Estimated)
  • Channel Owner: Daniel Robert Middleton
  • YouTube Subscribers: 23.80+ M
  • Channel Started: July 2012
  • Age: 27 Years
  • City: Wellingborough, United Kingdom


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2. Evan Fong (VanossGaming

Evan Fong is a 25 years old Youtuber and Internet Personality from Canada. He is a video game commentator who produces content on YouTube centered on playing popular video games. He has also nominated for Trending Gamer Awards and Tech & Innovation: Gaming Awards. Mostly videos take the format of a Montage or compilation featuring different clips from a particular game’s session.


  • Monthly Earning: $1,291,000 (Estimated)
  • Channel Owner: Daniel Robert Middleton
  • YouTube Subscribers: 25.31+ M
  • Channel Started: September 2011
  • Age: 25 Years
  • City: Toronto, Ontario, Canada


3. Cory and Coby Cotton (Dude Perfect

Dude Perfect is an American Youtube Channel that makes videos on Sports and Entertainment. All the characters in this channel are school classmates with twins Cory Cotton and Cobby Cotton. They make videos on Sports stunts, Sports related sketches doing epic activities with upbeat music. They also run a TV show on Nickelodeon and they have a mobile app they are generating income. 


  • Monthly Earning: $1,166,000 (Estimated)
  • Channel Owner: Corry Cotton and Cobby Cotton
  • YouTube Subscribers: 53.67+ M
  • Channel Started: March 2009
  • Age: 30 & 31 Years
  • City: The Woodlands, Texas, US


4.  Logan Paul (Logan Paul Vlogs

Logan Paul is an Actor, Youtuber, and Super Social person who posts comedy videos and vlogs on himself doing various goofing activities like buying lots of stuff, speaking to fans. He includes some silly stuff and lots of self-promotion. Paul is known to be quite controversial, with recent scandals such as his Japanese suicide incident, and the tasering of dead rats. With YouTube dropping ads from his videos, as well as his YouTube Red Original Series has been canceled.


  • Monthly Earning: $1,041,000 (Estimated)
  • Channel Owner: Logan Paul
  • YouTube Subscribers: 22.48+ M
  • Channel Started: August 2015
  • Age: 23 Years
  • City: Los Angeles, California, US


5. Mark Fischbach (Markiplier

Mark is also a YouTube commentator and beauty blogger well known as Markiplier. And he makes videos on games with comments when he moves different stages in the game. He makes videos on survival in horror video games that how to rescue and defend and clear the level. He has incredible energy and reactions in his Let’s Play video games commentary and features during play, that’s the characteristics of his videos that people like most.


  • Monthly Earning: $1,041,000 (Estimated)
  • Channel Owner: Mark Edward Fischbach
  • YouTube Subscribers: 27.02+ M
  • Channel Started: May 2012
  • Age: 29 Years
  • City: Los Angeles, California, US


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6. Felix Kjellberg (PewDiePie

Felix is also a Swedish video game commentator, which basically means he talks while playing video games. One interesting thing you probably don’t about Felix that he had started his first channel “PewDie” in December 2006, but unfortunately he forgets his account password after some time. And again he decided to start his channel again with the same name but this time he names his channel “PewDiePie” because most people like Pie and it is an interesting name. He also published the book called “This Book Loves You” which sold over 112,000 copies. 


  • Monthly Earning: $1,000,000 (Estimated)
  • Channel Owner: Felix Kjellberg
  • YouTube Subscribers: 107.04+ M
  • Channel Started: April 2010
  • Age: 29 Years
  • City: Brighten, United Kingdom


7. Jake Paul (Jack Paul

Jack Paul is the younger brother of Logan Paul, who is also a popular YouTuber in the top 10 and Jack partially gets fame from his younger brother. Jack is an American Actor and YouTube personality who rose to fame on the video application “Vine”. He also worked in the Disney Channel series Bizaardvark in the role of Dirk.


  • Monthly Earning: $958,000 (Estimated)
  • Channel Owner: Jack Paul
  • YouTube Subscribers: 20.39+ M
  • Channel Started: September 2013
  • Age: 21 Years
  • City: Los Angeles, California, US


8. Ryan (Ryan ToysReview

The youngest YouTuber in the world goes to Ryan, an 8 years old boy from the US region who opens the toys and reviews them. A more interesting thing that his channel started in March 2015 and as of today he is earning millions of dollars per year just from YouTube. At this age, children just busy in their primary school activities and play with toys, but Ryan not only playing with Toys even generating a worthwhile fortune.


  • Monthly Earning: $916,000 (Estimated)
  • Channel Owner: Ryan
  • YouTube Subscribers: 26.77+ M
  • Channel Started: March 2015
  • Age: 8 Years
  • City: US (The family keeps its identity and location private for security reasons)


9. Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla (Smosh

Smosh – An American Sketch Comedy YouTube channel began with duo Ian Hecox & Anthony Padilla, where the two would produce slapstick and parody videos. As they began posting videos on this channel, it rapidly gained subscribers and viewers which makes this channel in the top ten list. Both Ian & Daniel has worked in the featured movie Smosh released in 2015. In 2017, Daniel left this channel and Ian is the only Co-founder of this channel to date.


  • Monthly Earning: $916,000 (Estimated)
  • Channel Owner: Ian Hecox and Daniel Anthony Padilla
  • YouTube Subscribers: 25.13+ M
  • Channel Started: November 2005
  • Age: 30 & 31 Years
  • City: Carmichael, California, US


10. Lilly Singh (IISuperwomanII

We have heard and seen movies on the character Superman but can you think there is also a Superwomen? Of course! Yes. The only women in YouTube’s top ten list who belongs to Punjab from India hold a Psychology degree, a great Bhangra dancer and singer too. So you can say her Superwoman and interestingly she is well known for her channel name iiSuperwomanii. She produces sketches, music videos, and a whole range of stuff that has us laughing our effing asses off. 


  • Monthly Earning: $875,000 (Estimated)
  • Channel Owner: Lilly Singh
  • YouTube Subscribers: 14.92+ M
  • Channel Started: October 2010
  • Age: 30 Years
  • City: Los Angeles, California, US

So, these are the top YouTubers in the world, and earnings you have seen is estimated and, it may vary from time to time. If you like this post, share with your friends and subscribe for more update.

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