Top 10 Earning Blogs in the World

In this post, we will give a brief introduction to the Top 10 Earning Blogs in the World. But, what are blogs? A simple website or something else. And how people are earning from these blogs?

Thousands of terabytes of digitalized information is transferring from one location to another location around the globe. But Do you know how this is happening? Just because thousands of websites are hosting on the internet every day with lots of information. Many of them we use to learn something, to get an update like gadget reviews and news, learning and enhancing new skills, etc. In most of the websites, we got all this information free of cost.

How do Blogs Earn?

But have you ever think, why they are providing free information on the web? How they are managing the running cost of that website or blog?

Simple, All these are earning from advertisements, marketing a product, sponsoring through banners on their website, etc. But how much they can earn? There are so many people who are earning an outstanding income with their website/blog. Their monthly income is more than executive-level and director-level employees.

Initially, you will get a very little amount and it will not enough to keep you motivated with low income from your website or blog. But it is a platform where you get paid repeatedly for your work. You don’t need to do the same work again to get paid. 

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In blogging, you have to write informative content that is useful to other people who read your blog. The more readers you will have, the more income you will earn.

I am also inspired by these bloggers and decided to start my own blog. I Hope, you will also get inspiration from these bloggers.

So, here are the top 10 earning blogs in the world.

Name Blog Daily Earning Monthly Earning Global Rank
Arianna Huffington $466,000  $14,000,000 250
Peter Rojas $183,000  $5,500,000 590
Rand Fishkin $141,000  $4,250,000 1,630
Pete Cashmore $66,000  $2,000,000 800
Michael Arrington $83,000  $2,500,000 640
Brian Clark $33,000  $1,000,000 28,405
Mario Lavandeira $19,166  $575,000 6,000
Attila Talos $10,800  $325,000 440
Vitaly Friedman $7,166  $215,000 6,000
Collis Taeed $5,833  $175,000 1,680


1. HuffingtonPost 

Arriana Huffington’s blog is the most popular blog in the world and ranked #1 in blogging. It was launched by Huffington in 2005. She started writing about the liberal view of life and politics. Soon this blog became popular among online readers.

In 2011, Huffington sold this blog by her namesake to AOL for the amount of $315 Million and being kept on as Editor in Chief. 

Today’s name knows as HuffPost, and it earns money from sponsored advertising, googles Adsense, and other digital ads across its variety of channels. HuffingtonPost is also operating its Indian version with a .in domain in India. It is a clever investment for AOL for owning it because as of today this blog valued over $1 Billion and most successful blog of its kind.

  • Monthly Earning: $14,000,000 (Estimated)
  • Income Source: Adsense, Paid Advertisements.
  • Blog/Website Owner: Arianna Huffington
  • Alexa Global rank: 250
  • Started: 2005
  • City: New York, USA


2. Engadget

This is a multi-national technology blog network and covers daily news of gadgets and consumer electronics on daily basis. This blog currently operates a total of ten blogs out o ten, four written in English, and six international versions with the independent editorial staff.

It is another most popular blog founded by Peter Rojas who also founded Gizmodo around the same time.

This blog conveys reviews, news, and advice on technology and consumer electronics. It is also acquired by AOL in 2005 and since then operated by AOL.

This blog constantly providing the best advice on every type of gadget in the market.

  • Monthly Earning: $5,500,000 (Estimated)
  • Income Source: Adsense, Paid Advertisements.
  • Blog/Website Owner: Peter Rojas
  • Alexa Global rank: 590
  • Started: 2002
  • City: San Francisco, California, USA


3. Moz

One of the world’s most successful blogs about search engine optimization. It is founded by Rand Fishkin and today formerly know as SEOMoz. This blog shared information about the research and ideas of the world’s first SEO experts to its online community. 

It was started as a family-run design business, later on, morphed into a search engine optimization shop. But it was the blog that helped gain them a huge audience and international appeal.

The site makes its money mainly from a membership area. This features professional tools and services for the avid search engine marketer looking to gain saturation, reach, and visibility in the online space.

  • Monthly Earning: $4,250,000 (Estimated)
  • Income Source: Paid Advertisements, Membership.
  • Blog/Website Owner: Rand Fishkin
  • Alexa Global rank: 1630
  • Started: 2004
  • City: Seattle, Washington, USA


4. Mashable

This blog was started by Pete Cashmore in 2005 from his home in Scotland. The site grew with Cashmore’s dedication to producing excellent content. On a consistent basis covering many topics like technology, gadgets, culture, entertainment, science, social good, etc.

In 2009, Time Magazine referred to as Mashable one amongst the twenty-five best blogs in the world.

Since then, the blog has gained more readers rapidly and reach, with a significant focus on social media. In 2015, it has over 6,000,000 Twitter followers and over 3,2000,000 fans on Facebook. It is earning mainly through advertisements in various different formats. 

  • Monthly Earning: $2,000,000 (Estimated)
  • Income Source: Adsense, Paid Advertisements.
  • Blog/Website Owner: Pete Cashmore
  • Alexa Global rank: 800
  • Started: 2005
  • City: Aberdeenshire, Scotland


5. Techcrunch

Originally started by Michael Arrington in 2005, this is a massively successful blog that primarily covers news in the area of the technology industry.

It reports on the business of technology, tech news, analysis of rising trends in technology, and profiling of new tech businesses and products.

In 2010, this blog is acquired by AOL for approximately $25 Million.

Today, it is also known for its Disrupt conferences that host an event called Startup Battlefield. At its conferences where startups sign up to pitch their business ideas on the stage in front of ventures, capital investors, media, and other alternative interested parties.

  • Monthly Earning: $2,500,000 (Estimated)
  • Income Source: Adsense, Paid Advertisements.
  • Blog/Website Owner: Michael Arrington
  • Alexa Global rank: 640
  • Started: 2005
  • City: Orange, California, USA


6. Copyblogger

It was started by Brian Clark, which provides some of the most useful online marketing advice in the world. with just $1,000 in seed cash, he launched CopyBlogger and teaching people how to create killer online content.

Today, CopyBlogger is known as Rainmaker Digital with more than 200,000 unique customers and growing by providing useful content, smart copywriting, and exceptional products and services.

Copyblogger brings you original, relevant content every week about what’s trending right now in online content marketing. And we’re not too humble to mention it’s the foremost fashionable content promoting and writing web log in the world. You should read this blog because you will get lots of information here for free.

  • Monthly Earning: $1,000,000 (Estimated)
  • Income Source: Adsense, Paid Advertisements.
  • Blog/Website Owner: Brian Clark
  • Alexa Global rank: 28,405
  • Started: 2006
  • City: Boulder, Colorado, USA


7. Perezhilton

It is a controversial gossip website run by Mario Armando Lavandeira Jr. Previously it was known as Later on, it has moved to and famous for posting and covering controversial gossips about celebrities. This blog is also famous for tabloid photographs over which he has added his own doodles and captions.

Lavanderia graduated from NYU in 1996 on a scholarship, and later had dreams to become an actor. At the same time, he started his blog. He was also an aspiring actor in his college days.

Lavanderia’s acting career didn’t get success, but his blogging did well. Today, he earns his financial gain primarily through advertisements from a range of sponsors that seem across the location. Today, Lavanderia himself continues to make appearances on television as a celebrity gossip commentator and has reached a certain level and fame on his own.

  • Monthly Earning: $575,000 (Estimated)
  • Income Source: Adsense, Paid Advertisements.
  • Blog/Website Owner: Mario Lavandeira
  • Alexa Global rank: 6,000
  • Started: 2004
  • City: Miami, Florida, USA


8. Gizmodo

It was launched in 2002, focusing on subjects like design and technology, while also paying tribute to numerous areas of science and even politics.

Gizmodo was originally started by Peter Rojas who also founded Engadget. This blog gained popularity quickly and through partnerships with a variety of international firms. The blog quickly launched translated versions of its content across Europe in languages like French, German, Spanish, and even Portuguese.

The main earning source of this blog is from advertisements. On its homepage, which is its most valuable space, hardly you will find any ads, but you will find ads that often repeat. For example, a large ad on the top will display along with ads for the same company on the side as you scroll. Often repeating with each scroll and finished with a large ad on the bottom of the home page. And in other pages, there will be different ads, likely based on historical traffic.

  • Monthly Earning: $325,000 (Estimated)
  • Income Source: Adsense, Paid Advertisements.
  • Blog/Website Owner: Peter Rojas
  • Alexa Global rank: 440
  • Started: 2002
  • City: San Francisco, California, USA


9. Smashingmagazine

Founded by Vitaly Friedman, dedicated to teaching web design and web development field those who are looking to enhance and learn any of these effective skills.

The blog is hosting a web development conference since 2012 in different cities across the world and is sponsoring by some of the biggest names in the technology industry. The site is also providing a place for the developers to find a job and the same for companies who are looking for developers around the world.

The site earns its income primarily from a membership area where users can sign up to consume a large number of tutorials from its educational content. This site is also offering their tutorials in the form of PDF and Hard Cover book with a little amount. 

  • Monthly Earning: $215,000 (Estimated)
  • Income Source: Adsense, Paid Advertisements, Membership.
  • Blog/Website Owner: Vitaly Friedman
  • Alexa Global rank: 6,000
  • Started: 2006
  • City: Freiburg, Germany


10. Tutsplus

One of the most famous websites providing outstanding tutorials who are looking to learn to code. Any developer will love this site’s tutorials. This site is founded by Collis Ta’eed in 2006. 

This site is delivering outstanding tutorials and content to designers and developers from across the entire world for quite some time now. Millions of digital assets and creative assets you can find here. People can also buy services for installing themes and getting support for their development work.

Today, they offer a hub of useful content and a very great amount marketplace where 2,000,000 active buyers are searching for site templates and useful paid tutorials that they offer as part of their platform. They earn their income primarily through a membership area and commissions from sales of digital goods likes website themes, elements on their platform. I have also bought this blog theme from the Envato market and I love this template.

  • Monthly Earning: $175,000 (Estimated)
  • Income Source: Membership, Paid Tutorials, Paid Themes.
  • Blog/Website Owner: Collis Taeed
  • Alexa Global rank: 1,680
  • Started: 2006
  • City: Melbourne, Australia


So, these are the top-earning blogs in the world with the highest amount in its category. The earning you have seen is estimated, it may vary from time to time. There may be other bloggers who are earning a good income and working as a full-time blogger. If you want me to add more people to this list, you can also drop your comments in the comment box and we will publish the top 50 bloggers list including them.

Useful Websites Everyone Should Know

In this article, I have listed very useful websites that everyone should know about. There are approx thousands of websites hosting on the internet every day and crossing to one billion active websites. People get lots of useful information from different websites hosted on the internet.

Many of them we use for fun, knowledge, tools, research, education, technology, lifestyle, religion & nations. And almost all the things we want to know from online websites. You can say, we are connected globally using the internet and online websites.

From all of these websites, there are some very useful websites that will help you save your time and money. Any person whose work relates to content writing or online work from any field can use these sites. If you are planning to start your own blog, then this article is for you especially. And I am sure you will get lots of help from these websites in your work.

So here are these websites. 

This website is very useful when you want to convert a website article into PDF format or want to print. As the website name suggests, is a website that makes any web page to get ready to print or convert in pdf format. And without including ads, banners-ads, side-bar links, and other things available on that web page which are not relevant to the main article. You can say that it will print or create pdf only useful content for you. This means you will save time and money in printing without including unwanted ads in the article. 

This is another and very important useful website for new bloggers and content writers. On this website, they can check their content error-free or grammar mistakes free. Bloggers can also use this website to check their articles before publishing. If you are using google chrome, then you can install the chrome extension. Extension AI checks your content with all the possible errors and gives you results with the best possible suggestions. 

The banner is an integral part of any website and social media network for promotional and header use. Sometimes we need professionals to create a banner and sometimes we need to be a professional to create one. is an online banner making tool where you don’t need any professionals or professional skill. You can make any type of banner with easy drag and drop features where you can use thousands of royalty-free images, patterns, graphics, shapes, and templates. You can download up to five banners in a month and can upgrade for unlimited access. 

This is an amazing website. Sometimes we change the font one by one of our phrases to see how it will look like in a particular font for our banner or image. Now, you can see all the font styles of your phrase in one go. You don’t need to manually go through 100+ installed fonts in your PC just to see the preview. In just type your phrase and hit enter, then you can see the preview style of your phrase with all available fonts in your PC. If you want more font styles, you can also check google font styles. You can enter a single letter or paragraph, select the highlighted style in the preview, tag, and categorize your fonts as well. 

This is a very amazing and useful online tool that converts speech to text without doing any setting for voice recognition. All you need to plug your microphone and select the language you want to speak. I have used this tool so many times and it always saves my time. You can format this text, paste in any other website or software, publish, tweet on twitter, play as sound, print on paper, email to other people. This online tool works very well and you should try it. One more thing I want to let you know about this tool that this amazing tool is created by “Amit Agarwal” – The most popular blogger in India and the owner of



This site is about to show your blog or website responsiveness in different mobiles, laptops, tabs with different resolutions. There are other sites available on the internet but this site is more accurate. The most likely thing about this site is you can pick different devices whether it is a full-size computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile and even it shows how your site will look on television. You can change screen rotation to portrait or landscape to view your site look. You can enable scrolling so that you can view a full-page using the slider. With this website, you can also check your browser and internet details like device screen resolution, your browser resolution, browser version, and IP address.



This website is a huge collection of different types and styles fonts where you can download tons of free fonts. You can select different categories associated with fonts or you can search for fonts by typeface, type of letter, and style. You can also check by putting your phrase to see how it looks in a particular font. Most of the fonts on this site are very decorative and handwritten. Most fonts are free to use for personal and commercial use, you can check the status in each font section. Downloading and installing these fonts is very easy. All you need to download, unzip the font file then right-click to the font and click install. And now it is ready to use on your PC. 


Sometimes you are writing online and you don’t find a special character to write in your note because in your keyboard there are character limitations. In this situation, is the best option where you can find thousands of special characters, emoji icons, and special icons. All you need to do only select your special character or icon and paste anywhere you want. 

If you want to know about the technology of any website then this online tool will help you very smartly. It will show you all the technologies, framework, language, tools, plugins, affiliate programs, Adsense ID used on the website till now from starting its launching. You can get information about any website and technology behind it. You can also see all the websites associated with Adsense ID if they are using on multiple websites. In simple words, if you want to get info about website earning source, technical biography, relationship with other websites then this online tool will help you. 

In a post, a great header image captures reader attention but the image can slow your website while loading. For example, a 50kb image will load faster than a 250kb image. And this photo compressor will help to reduce image size by up to 90% losing its little bit quality but it is better than any other tool or software as per my experience. This is totally free and you can convert unlimited images. Just drop your photo and press the compress button, it will generate a new compressed image for you to download and use in your blog post. I also use this online tool for compressing images before posting.


So, these are the top sites very useful, handy, and easy to work with. If you feel, we should add more sites then let us know by posting your comments in the comment box. And if you like this post, share with your friends and colleagues so everyone can get help from these free websites and can save their lots of time.

Health – Key Factor for Healthy Life

Aaj ki is post me hum health aur healthy life ke bare me baat karenge. Health and Healthy Life hamare liye kyu zaruri hai? Kin wajh se Health aur healthy life effect hoti hai? Aur Healthy Life jine ke liye kya karna chahiye. Ye sab hum is post me discuss karenge isliye is post ko pura zarur pade.

Health – Key Factor for Healthy Life || स्वस्थ जीवन के लिए महत्वपूर्ण कारक

Aaj ki is busy life me, hum sabse zaruri cheez yani sehat ko nazar andaz kar dete hain. Agar hum apne aas paas hi dekhe to zyadatar log kabhi na kabhi apni health issues ko lekar pareshan rahe hain. Isliye sabse pehle hum janenge ki acchi sehat yani good health kya hai.

According to WHO, Physical ( शारीरिक ) Mental ( मानसिक ) and Socially ( सामाजिक ) healthy hona hi acchi sehat hai. Sirf bimar na hona hi acchi sehat nahi kehlata. Isliye hame har aspect ( पहलु ) ko janna zaruri hai.

WHO ki definition ke according, Health ke 2 aspects hain: 1. Physical Health & 2. Psychological Health. Aaj ki is post me hum health ke in dono points par baat karenge aur sehatmand hona hamare liye kyu zaruri hai?

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Make Relationship Better

Types of Health || स्वास्थ्य के प्रकार

1. Physical Health || शारीरिक स्वास्थ्य

Duniya me har jagah log physical health ko lekar pareshan hain. Log apna zyadatar waqt computer screen ya smart tv ke aage bita rahe hain. Aur wahi agar youth ki baat kare, to wo smartphone & social media me busy hain. Jiski wajah se ye sab log physically inactive hote ja rahe hain.

Aur baccho ki baat kare, to wo apni zaban ke taste ke liye health ke sath compromise kar rahe hain. Pizza, Burger aur Junk food regular basis par khana unki aadat ban chuki hai. Aur iski wajah se baccho me, diabetes, motapa common hota ja raha hai.

2. Psychological Health || मानसिक स्वास्थ्य

Hamari thoughts ( सोच ) aur emotions ( भावनाएँ ) hamari emotional life par asar daalne ke sath sath hamare body functions ( शारीरिक कार्य ) par bhi asar karti hain. Aaj hum technology aur development ke aise zamane me jee rahe hain, jaha har koi apni bhaagam bhaag zindagi  me busy hai. Unke upar itni zimmedariya bad gayi hain ki apni problems share karna ka aur dusre ki problem sunne ka bhi time nahi hai. Jiski wajah se kai log depression me ja rahe hain aur ye counting day by day badti ja rahi hai.

Hamari zindagi guzar to rahi hai lekin relationship khatam hoti ja rahi hai. Log struggle kar rahe hain, koi job ke liye, koi exam me acche score karne ke liye to koi personal problems ke liye. Jiski wajah se unki zindagi me stress ( तनाव ) badta hi ja raha hai. India me, kai ladies Hysteria ( मिर्गी ) ki beemari se pareshan hain.

Aaj ki date me bahut se logo ke paas paisa to hai lekin unke paas mental ( मानसिक ), emotional satisfaction ( भावनात्मक संतुष्टि ) aur  stress free life ( तनाव मुक्त जीवन ) nahi hai. Aur jab mushkil waqt aata hai, to wo negative sochne aur karne lagte hain. Aise waqt me insan mentally aur physically tutne lagta hai. Researchers ( शोधकर्ता ) batate hain ki hamari sirf ek soch harmones ko trigger kar sakti hai jisse body me harmonal imbalance ( हार्मोन असंतुलन ) ho jata hai.

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Let Us Know The Ways Through Which We Can Stay Healthy

आइए जानते हैं वो तरीके जिनसे हम स्वस्थ रह सकते हैं।

 How to Improve Physical Health || शारीरिक स्वास्थ्य में सुधार कैसे करें

1. Exercise || व्यायाम

WHO ki saal 2002 ki report ke anusar, 150 minute ki exercise 35% heart desease, 50% type2 Diabetes, 20% of Breast Cancer aur 30% depression ko kam karti hai. Regular exercise karne se kai health benefits prove bhi huye hain isliye ye har kisi ko karni chahiye. Jo log zyada healthy hain, wo vigorous ( ज़ोरदार )  exercise kar sakte hain aur jinka weight normal hai, wo moderate ( मध्यम ) exercise kar sakte hain jaise walking, cycling etc.

2. Healthy Diet Plan || स्वस्थ आहार योजना


     a. Avoid Junk Food || जंक फ़ूड खाना बंद करें

Baccho aur bado ko sabse pehle Junk food ko avoid karna hoga kyunki isme kafi zyada sodium, saturated and trans fat, high calories hoti hai. Jiski wajah se Cholesterol ka level bad jata hai aur liver ki problems saamne aati hain. Kuch khaas mauke par ya kabhi kabhi khane se koi farq ni padega lekin regular khane se zarur pareshaniya ho sakti hain.

     b. Eat Balanced Diet || संतुलित आहार लें

Healthy lifestyle ka aham hissa healthy diet bhi hai. Zarurat ke hisab se khana khane se body ki immunity ( रोग प्रतिरोधक शक्ति ) badti hai. Fruits and Vegetables me bhi zaruri nutrients ( पोषक तत्व ) hote hain jo body ko kai bimariyo se bachate hain aur body functions bhi improve karte hain. Potassium rich diet ( पोटेशियम से भरपूर आहार ) high blood pressure aur heart disease ke risk ko kam karti hai.

Zyada se zyada nutrients lene ke liye, seasonal and locally available fruits khane chahiye. WHO ki report ke anusar, har insan ko 5 portions fruits ya vegetables ke rozana khane chahiye.

     c. Drink Sufficient Amount of Water || पर्याप्त मात्रा में पानी पिएं

जल ही जीवन है – Pani sabhi ke liye zaruri hai. Human body me bhi 60% pani hota hai. Isliye hame zaruri matra me pani peena chahiye. Iske zariye hamari body bhi fresh rehti hai aur body se toxins ( विषाक्त पदार्थ ) bhi bahar nikal jate hain.

     d. Avoid Excessive Sugar || मीठी चीज़ें खाने से परहेज़ करें

Sugar me nutrition value zero hoti hai jabki calories bahut zyada matra me jiski wajah se diabetes ho jati hai. Isliye bahut zyada meetha khane se parhez kare.

Mein apna personal experience aap logo ke sath share karna chahti hu ki kaise mene apni thyroid disease ko healthy diet plan se sahi kiya. Medication ke alawa, mene khoob pani piya, junk food aur sugar avoid kiya. Aur rozana 3 tarah ke fruits, 2 tarah ki vegetables thode thode time par khati rahi aur subah sham 15 minute walking. Is schedule ko mene 4 mahine tak continue kiya aur uske baad meri blood report normal ho gai.


3. Avoid Sedentary Life Style || सुस्त लाइफ स्टाइल से बचें

Hamari purani generations ( पुरानी पीढ़ियां ) physically strong aur active thi. Kyunki us waqt ke logo ko car, smartphone, internet jaisi facilities available nahi thi. Isliye hame bhi apne aap ko fit rakhne ke liye physical work me zyada involve hona padega jaise bahar khelna, thode se raaste ke liye vehicle ko avoid karna.

 4. Early to Bed & Early to Rise || जल्दी सोएं और जल्दी उठें

Jaldi sona aur jaldi uthna, body ko pure din fresh rakhta hai. Aur hamari body pehle se zyada productive aur active ( सक्रिय ) rehti hai. Late night sona aur subah der se uthne ki aadat insan ko inactive aur aalsi bana deti hai. Isliye kam se kam 8 hours ki neend zarur puri kare taki hamara dimag bhi puri tarah se relax ho jaye aur kaam karne ke liye dubara ready rahe.

5. Avoid Digital Screens or Mobile || मोबाइल और टीवी को काम देखें

Smartphone ka istemaal sirf zarurat ke hisab se kare. Zyada istemal karne se aankho ki roshni, brain activity ka kam hona, depression me jana jaisi pareshaniya hone lagti hain. Isliye hame apne time ko smartphone, laptop aur TV jaise devices par lagana kam karna hoga.

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How to Improve Psychological Health || मानसिक स्वास्थ्य में सुधार कैसे करें

1. Meditation || ध्यान लगाएँ

Aaj ki date me hamare paas apni care karne ka bhi time nahi hai. Aur kabhi kabhi to hum apni feelings aur soch ko lekar itne confuse ho jate hain ki hame samajh hi nahi aata ki hum kyu pareshan aur udas hain. Isliye zarurat hai ki hum khud ke liye bhi time nikale. Meditation ( ध्यान ) concentrate karne ka khas tareeka hai. Ye stress ko kam karta hai aur acchi neend ko badata hai. Isse immunity bhi badti hai aur sath hi sath dimag aur body me bhi accha balance kaayam hota hai.

2. Yoga || योगा करें

Yoga ka concept India se wajood me aaya hai aur aaj duniya ke har hisse me popular hota ja raha hai. Purane rog ko theek karne me bhi Yoga Asana (positions) ne behtareen yogdan diya hai. Isse physical, mental aur social heatlh acchi hoti hai. Jin logo ko medicine se allergy hai, unki first stage ki bimari ke liye yoga accha alternative hai.

3. Healthy Social Relationship || अच्छे सामाजिक संबंध

Studies batati hai ki jin logo ke relationships kamzor hote hain, wo un logo ke muqable kam jite hain jinki social relationship strong hoti hai. Strong relationship wale log zyada khush mizaz hote hain. Iske liye zaruri nahi ki koi aapko pyar kare, balki aap dusro ko pyar kare. Aur hum sabhi ko apno ke sath week me ek baar to zarur time spend karna chahiye. Isse aapka depression bhi door hoga aur aap dimagi taur par bhi mazboot banenge. 

4. Gratitude || शुक्रगुज़ार रहें


Kabhi kabhi log dusre ki tarakki aur paisa dekhkar ander hi ander jalne lagte hain. Aur kabhi kabhi to dusre se khud ko compare karke demotivate kar lete hain jiski wajah se unke behavior me negativity dikhne lagti hai. Aur baad me wahi log depression ka shikar ho jate hain.

Isliye aapke paas jo bhi hai, usme khush rehne ki koshish kare kyunki agar aap ye article pad rahe hain to un logo se bhi compare kare jinke paas ye facility bhi nahi hai. Hame khuda ka shukr ada karna chahiye ki hamare paas family, friends aur hamari zarurat ki basic chize abhi bhi hain.

Duniya me abhi bhi bahut se aise log hain jinki koi family nahi hai, koi unki care karne wala nahi hai, khane ke liye nahi hai fir bhi apni life me stuggle kar rahe hain.

2017 me ek study ki gai thi jiske hisab se khush rehne wale log kam bimar padte hain, acchi neend lete hain aur aage chalkar aise log kamyab bhi hote hain.

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Conclusion || निष्कर्ष

        Apni baat khatam karte huye, mein aap logo ko Steve Jobs (Co-Founder of Apple Inc.) ki kahi gai kuch bato ko rakhna chahti hu. Is duniya ko alwida kehne se pehle unhone duniya ke liye ek bahut hi behtareen baat kahi thi.

उन्होंने कहा की दौलत और शौहरत आपको खुशहाल ज़िन्दगी नहीं दे सकती। दौलत और शौहरत का लालच आपको कुछ नहीं देता बल्कि ये तो सिर्फ एक भ्रम है जो आपको तनाव और जीवन की खराब गुणवत्ता की तरफ ले जाता है। ज़िन्दगी की सबसे ज़रूरी चीज़ अच्छी सेहत और सामाजिक संबंध हैं। हमें अपनी पूरी ज़िन्दगी ख़ुशी और आनंद के साथ जीनी चाहिए। और हमें हर उस चीज़ के लिए शुक्रगुज़ार होना चाहिए जो हमारे पास है और उतने में ही खुश रहना चाहिए ताकि ज़िन्दगी के आखिरी दिनों में हमें किसी भी बात का अफ़सोस न करना पढ़े।

Ye article Humera Khatoon ne bheja hai jo Jamia Millia Islamia ki graduate student hain.

Is article ko pad kar hum bhi aapse ek baat kehna chahte hain.

Zindagi ke har pal ke liye jiyo, pal pal ke liye jiyo

Aapko ye article kaisa laga, hame comment karke zarur bataye aur aap apne articles bhi hame hamari email par bhej sakte hain. Pasand aane par hum aapke article ko aapke naam ek sath publish karenge.

Personality Development Tips

Kya kabhi aapko aisa mehsus hua hai ki kash meri personality uski tarah hoti to kitna accha hota? Kash meri bhi aisi personality hoti? Kash me bhi uski tarah handsome/beautiful hota ya hoti? Ya fir aap Personality Development Tips in Hindi search kar rahe hain?

Agar aapka jawab Yes hai, to isme koi alag baat nahi hai, kyunki aksar aisi bate dimag me aa hi jati hain. Ye aksar sabhi ke sath hota hai. Well, aaj hum aapko aise personality development tips in Hindi ( व्यक्तित्व विकास के टिप्स ) batayenge jisse aapki personality bilkul change ho jayegi. Aur aap apne aapko pehle se behtar mehsus karenge.

Aaj ki is post me hum aise tips bateyenge jinhe koi bhi apne upar apply kar sakta hai. Chahe wo students ho, house-wife ho, job karte ho, business karte ho ya kisi bhi field me ho. Ye development tips apko aur apki zindagi ko pehle se behtar banayenge.


Best Personality Development Tips in Hindi || बेहतर शख़्सियत बनाने के टिप्स

Personality Development ek din me nahi hoti, kyunki ye aapki aadat me changes hote hain. Isliye apne apse commitment kare ki rozana kuch na kuch naya sikhna hai aur in sabhi tips par focus rakhna hai. Kuch time baad aap khud apne ander changes dekhne lagenge.

Aur ek waqt aisa bhi aayega jab log aapke jaisa banna chahenge. Aapse sikhna chahenge aur aapko follow karne lagenge. Dusre shabdo me kahe to aapko apne ander sudhaar lana hai jo dusro ko motivate kare. To hamari is post ko pura pade aur sabhi personality development tips ko apne upar apply kare.

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21 Best Personality Development Tips in Hindi

1. Be Happy || हमेशा ख़ुश रहें

Hamesha khush rahe aur dusro ko bhi khushi dene ki koshish kare. Miljul kar hasi Mazak kare, but dusre kisi ka Mazak na banaye. Khushnuma insan ki hamesha tareef ki jati hai.

2. Be Healthy || सेहतमंद रहें

Apne aap ko hamesha healthy aur active rakhe, kyunki alsi logo ke sath koi ni rehna chahta. Iske liye proper exercise kare, healty food khaye aur puri neend le.

3. Be Patient || सब्र करें

सब्र का फल मीठा होता है. Ye baat aapne zarur suni hogi. Kabhi bhi kisi cheez ke liye jalbazi na kare. Aksar jaldbazi liye gaye decision nuksan saabit hote hain. Aur jo guzar chukar hai, uske bare me zyada na sochkar aage bade.

4. Be Polite || विनम्र बनें

Apni kabiliyat ko apni ego na banaye. Sabke sath pyar or mohabbat se baat kare aur muskara kar jawab dein. Ego wale insan ko koi pasand nahi karta hai.

5. Be Honest || इमानदार बनें

Duniya me bharosa karna jitna mushkil hai, use todna utna hi aasan hai. Isliye kabhi bhi kisi ko dhokha na de aur na hi kisi ka bharosa tode. Kyunki ek baar bharosa tutne par dubara bharosa karna mushkil ho jayega.

6. Be Loyal || वफादार बनें

Aap jo bhi kaam kare ya karte hain, uske liye loyal bane. Yakin maniye aapko us kaam me maza aane lagega aur interest bhi bad jayega. Aap apne workplace par pehle se zyada accha mehsus karenge.

7. Be Confident || अपने आप पर भरोसा रखें

Apne aap ko pehchane aur khud par bharosa rakhe. Apni kaabiliyat par kabhi shaq na kare aur ye soche ki aap kar sakte hain. Motivational stories pade, success logo ke bare me pade. You will feel confident from inside.

Personality-Development-Tips-Creative8. Be Creative || रचनात्मक बनें

Apne kaam ke sath sath apni hobby ko kabhi na bhule. Aksar log job me aane ke baad itne busy ho jate hain ki wo apni hobby ke liye time hi nahi nikal pate hain. Jab aap creative hote hain to dusre bhi aapse sikhne ki koshish karte hain.

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9. Be Good Listener || अच्छे श्रोता बनें

Good listener banna thoda mushkil hai kyunki zyadatar log kisi ko samajhne ke liye sunna nahi chahte. Jab bhi aap kisi se baat kare to dhyan se uski bato ko sune aur samjhe. Eye contact bana kar rakhe. Aapki personality ke liye ye ek bahut zaruri step hai.

10. Be Positive Always || सकारात्मक बनें

Hamesha positive rahe aur positive hi soche aur jab kisi se baat kare to positive hi bole. Negative bolne wale insan se har koi duri banata hai. Positive insan hamesha sahi nazar se sahi raste ko dekhta hai.

11. Be Punctual || अनुशाषित बनें

Hamesha time ke paband rahe. Jo log aksar har kaam ko late karte hain wo zindagi me hamesha piche hi rehte hain. Kisi ko apne liye wait na karayein aur na hi kabhi kisi ke liye late ho. Jab aap punctual bante hai to log aapke time ke according chalte hain.

12. Keep Your Mind Open || अपना दिमाग खुला रखें

Apne faisle khud apne dimag se lena sikhe kyunki dusro ke faislo par chalna aksar failure ka bada reason hai. Dusro ki baat ko dhyan se sune lekin hamesha khule dimag se soch samajhkar advice ya answer de. Aur rahamdil bane.

13. Develop Good Habits || अच्छी आदतों को अपनाये

Kabhi kisi ki burai na kare kyunki jo log dusro ki burai karte hain, unhe bhi iska samna karna padta hai. Dusro me galatiya na nikale balki unhe sudharne ki koshish kare aur maaf karte chale. Warna aapko bhi hamesha khud se shikayat hi rahegi.

14. Don’t Be Lazy || आलस्य न करें

Kisi bhi kaam me aalas na kare kyunki jo time ek baar nikal jata hai wo dubara nahi aata. Duniya ki sabse keemti cheez time hai, ise barbad na kare. Success paane ke liye puri koshish kare. Zindagi me haar jeet to lagi rehti hai isliye ye sochkar kabhi pareshan na ho. Aur hamesha aage badne ke liye naye raste dekhe.

15. Don’t Be Greedy || लालच से बचें

लालच बुरी बाला है – Ye kahawat aapne zarur suni hogi aur ye sach bhi hai isliye laalach se bache. Aapke paas jo hai usi me manage kare. Koi bhi galat kaam na kare kyunki uska result hamesha bura hi hota hai aur insan kabhi khush nahi ho pata. Kuch paane ke liye mehnat kare aur kabil bane.

Personality-Development-Tips-Pinterest16. Don’t Compare || किसी से तुलना न करें

Aapke paas jo hai usi me manage kare. Kisi se compare na kare balki apne ander ki quality ko pehchane. Aapke paas kuch to aisa hoga jo dusro ke paas na ho ya dusro se alag ho. Misaal ke taur par, कछुआ tez nahi bhag sakta lekin bade se bade samundar ko तैर kar paar kar sakta hai, खरगोश tez bhag sakta hai lekin chhoti se nadi bhi paar nahi kar sakta. Isliye aap jaise bhi ho, apne aur apne parents ke liye lakho me ek ho.

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17. Stay Cool in Tense Situations || मुश्किलों में हिम्मत से काम लें

Mushkil waqt me samajhdari se kaam le. Aksar log mushkil waqt me jaldi haar maan jate hain aur dubara jeetne ki koshish hi nahi karte. Lekin dar ke aage jeet hai aur haar kar jeetne wale ko bazigar kehte hai. Jaldi haar manne wali insan kamzor hote hain.

18. Improve Your Communications || अपनी बातचीत का तरीका अच्छा करें

Aap jo bhi language bolte ho, usse koi farq nahi padta. Lekin aap dusre logo se kaise baat karte hain isse zarur farq padta hai. Agar aap Hindi bolte hain to sirf Hindi me baat aur agar English bolte hain to English me baat kare. Dono language ko aapas me mix na kare. Atak atak kar na bole. Bolne ke liye behtar shabdo ko chune.

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19. Improve Your Body Language || अपनी शारीरिक भाषा को सुधारें

Body language ke zariye bhi hum dusre logo se communicate karte hain. Isliye hamare chalne ka tarika, khane ka, bethne ka, ishare karne ka, sab body language se juda hai. Log aapke body language se kaafi attract hote hain.

20. Dressing Sense || आपका पहनावा

Aapka dressing sense aisa hona chahiye jo aapke liye comfortable ho. Aapke paas saste kapde hain ya kam kapde hain, ye matter nah karta. Lekin jo bhi hain, saaf aur iron kiye huye ho fir bhale hi aapke paas ek jodi kapde hi kyu na ho.

21. Meet New People || नए लोगों से जुड़ें

Logo se judne ki koshish kare, isse aapko bahut kuch seekhne ko milega. Hum aksar dusre logo se hi sikhte hain. Dusre logo se acchi baate sikhe, aur unke experience ke baare me jane. Aur dusre log bhi hamse sikhte hain.

Aapko hamare ye Personality Development Tips in Hindi kaise lage, hame comment karke zarur batayein. Aur aap suggestions bhi hame hamari email par bhej sakte hain.

Aur is post ko apne sabhi dosto ke sath bhi zarur share karein.

Heavy School Bags Affecting Growth

Aaj ki post me hum aapko batayenge Heavy School Bags Affecting Growth || भारी स्कूल बैग का असर. Apne bhi bachho ko aksar heavy schools bags ke sath zarur dekha hoga. But do you know how school bags affecting growth of child? Agar aapke ghar me bhi bacche school jate hain to ye post aapko zarur padni chahiye. Hum jo aapko batane wale hain, wo aapke bachho ki growth se related hai. How Heavy School Bags Affecting Growth of your Child ko pura padein aur un sabhi logo ke sath share karein jinke bacche school jate hain. Because is post me hum apko batayenge ki भारी स्कूल बैग से बच्चों को क्या नुकसान है ? और इसका क्या उपाय है ?


A Real Incident || बच्चों का नॉलेज लेवल क्या है?

Knowledge Level of ChildHum apko ek real example ke bare me batana chahte hain. Mere ek friend ke Coaching Center me ek baccha tution padne aata hai. Hum bhi us waqt wahi bethe the. Aur wo baccha 1st class ka student tha. Us waqt tak uske tution wale teacher busy the to mene socha ki mein hi attend kar lu. Mene us bacche se home-work diary nikalne ko kaha, to usne apna sir hila kar mana kar diya. Fir mene copy nikalne ko kaha to use wo bhi nahi pata. Uske baad mene uska bag uthaya to aisa laga jaise 8-10 Kg ka koi heavy item utha liya ho.

Fir mene ek ek karke uski sabhi books aur copy dekhi. Aur isi me uski home-work diary bhi thi, jise usne mana kar diya tha. Fir mene usse pucha ki counting kaha tak aati hai, to usne fir se sir hila kar mana kar diya. Mujhe thoda ajeeb laga, kyunki wo private school ka baccha tha aur 1st Class me hone ke bawajood, use counting tak nahi ati thi

What We Think ? || हम क्या सोचते हैं ?

Hum sabhi log aksar yahi sochte hain ki Govt school ke comparison me private school ke bacche zyada hoshiyar hote hain lekin aisa bilkul nahi hai.

Ab uske bag ke weight ki baat karein, to wo bahut heavy tha, approx 8-10 kg. Uske paas sabhi subjects ki colorful books thi jinki quality bhi acchi thi. Koi bhi books ke content ko dekhega to yahi sochega ki baccha intelligent hi hoga jo is level ki books pad raha hai. Fir bhi use kuch nahi aata tha, jabki wo har roz us 8-10kg ke bag ko apne kandhe par laad kar le jata hai aur fir wapas lata hai. Aap soch sakte hain ki private school ke 1st class ke bacche ki age approx 7 years hogi. Aur wo apni age se zyada ka weight rozana uthata hai.

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Why School Bags are Heavy? || बच्चों का बैग भारी क्यों होता जा रहा है?

Ab sawal ye ki school bags itne heavy kyu hote ja rahe hain? Iske alag-alag reason ho sakte hain. Abhi jo hum reason bata rahe hain wo private school ko dekhte huye bata rahe hain. Jaise:-

  1. Bahut zyada Syllabus ka hona
  2. Ek hi Subject ki 2-3 Books hona
  3. Time-Table ko follow na karna
  4. School ka zyada Books aur Copy selling se Profit banana.

Private schools ke liye zyada books aur copy provide (Sell) karna ek business ki tarah hai. Kai schools me to ye bhi dekha gaya hai ki, har saal books change hoti hain. Jisse ki parents pass ho chuke students se previous year ki books na kharide. Aur is tarah parents par paiso ka bojh aur baccho par Kitabo ka bojh badta ja raha hai.

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How Heavy School Bags Affecting Growth of Child || बच्चों की वृद्धि पर भारी बैग का असर


Affecting Physical Growth || शारीरिक विकास पर प्रभाव

Ab hum baat karenge ki iska baccho ki growth par kya asar pad raha hai. Ek baccha apni young age tak countinue growth karta hai. Aur jab wo bachpan se hi heavy weight ka school bag uthata hai to uski growth par bura asar padta hai. Kyunki chhote baccho ki bones aur muscles itni mazboot nahi hoti. Aur iska bura asar bacche ki height ( लम्बाई ),  shoulders ( कंधे ), waist ( कमर ), back ( पीठ ), spine ( रीढ़ की हड्डी ) par padta hai. Aksar bacche aisi pareshaniyo ki shikayat bhi karte hain. Ye asar us waqt nazar nahi aata, kyunki ye dhire dhire effect karta hai. Isiliye aapko kabhi pata hi nahi chal pata hai. Ya dusre shabdo me kahe to aap apne bacche ko ek mazdoor bana dete hain. Jise padai ke naam par rozana mazduri karni padti hai.

Affecting Mental Growth || मानसिक विकास पर प्रभाव 

Heavy weight ka dusra asar yani ki books aur syllabus ka zyada hona jo bacche ki mental age se zyada hai. Baccho ki ye age outdoor activity, creative mind, innovative thinking banane ki hoti hai lekin aisa nahi hota hai. Bacche School se aane ke baad khana kha kar tution jane ki taiyari karte hain, tution ke baad home work, uske baad dinner and TV. Is tarah se unka rozana ka time-table chalta hai.

Affecting Eyesight || आँखों की रोशनी पर प्रभाव

Iska teesra asar, yani baccho ko mental age se zyada padne par focus kiya jata hai. Lekin actual me padai ke naam par sirf unhe Rote Learning ( रटना सिखाया ) jata hai. Ratne ke liye baccho ko lagatar books par focus karwaya jata hai. Syllabus itna zyada hota hai ki uska zyadatar waqt sirf books ke content ko ratne me lag jata hai. Jiska effect ye hota hai ki baccho ki aankhein kamzor hone lagti hain. Agar aapne kabhi dhyan diya ho to private schools ke kai baccho ko chasma laga hua hota hai. Jabki govt schools me ye na ke barabar hota hai.

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Solution for Good Mental and Physical Health || बच्चों के सही विकास के लिए सरकार की तरफ से दिशा निर्देश

Ab baat karte hain in sabhi problems ko khatam karne ki. 2006 me pehli baar School Bag Act banaya gaya tha jisme ye kaha gaya ki school bag ka weight bacche ke weight ka 10% se zyada nahi hona chahiye. Lekin kisi ne bhi ise serious nahi liya. Balki baccho par ye bojh aur badta gaya. Kafi salo tak is par debate bhi chali par koi fayda ni hua.

October 2018 me MHRD (Ministry of Human Resource and Development) ne ek baar fir sakhti se sabhi state govt ko rules and regulations banane ko kaha tha. Jise November 2018 me States Govt ne circular publish kiya tha. Iske regarding hum ek circular ki copy bhi laga rahe hain aur us circular ki summary bhi bata rahe hain.

Class School Bag Weight Subjects Other Remarks
I – II 1.5 Kg Language Subject & Mathematics No Home Work
III – V 2 – 3 Kg Language, EVS & Mathematics
VI and VII 4 Kg All Subjects
VIII – IX 4.5 Kg  All Subjects
X 5 Kg All Subjects

Aur aap dekh sakte hain MHRD ki taraf se diye gaye instructions ki copy.MHRD-Instructions-for-School-bag-Weight

Ye to Govt ki taraf se instructions hain. Lekin abhi bhi kai private school ise follow nahi kar rahe hain jiska asar chhote baccho ke health par pad raha hai. 

Parents को क्या करना चाहिए?

Ab parents ko bhi apne baccho ki taraf dhyan dena hoga. Parents apne baccho ko school bhej dete hain, uske baad tution center. Lekin unhe khud bhi apne baccho ko time dena hoga. Unhe activity me involve karna hoga taki baccho ki growth sahi tarike se ho sake. Niche hum kuch points bata rahe hain jo parents ko follow karne chahiye.

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Important Points

  1. Baccho ke school teacher se mile aur baccho ki activity badane, aur syllabus kam karne ke bare me baat kare.
  2. Agar wo aisa nahi karte hain to apne bacche ko kisi dusre acche school me ya govt school me admission karayein.
  3. Bacche ko sabse paas ke school me admisson karayein jisse ki use zyada door na jana pade.
  4. Bacche ke school bag me, uske time-table ke according books aur copy rakhe. Agar baccha samajhdar hai to use time-table management sikhayein.
  5. Bacche ki ruchi ke anusar use help aur motivate karein. Zabardasti us par bojh na dalein.
  6. Bacche ke sath beth kar school ki activity ke bare me baat karein. Ye jannke ki koshish karein ki baccha kya sochta hai.
  7. Uske sath time spend kaein aur puche ki aaj school me usne kya naya seekha.

Ye kuch points the jo hame sahi lage, agar aapke paas aur bhi behtar suggestions hain to hume comment section me zarur batayein.

Conclusion || निष्कर्ष

Aaj ki post un sabhi masoom baccho ke liye hai jo na chahte huye bhi padai ke naam par rozana bojh uthate hain. Ek anuman ke anusar bacche rozana 60 min tak heavy school bags ka bojh carry karte hain. Aur sabhi parents se hamari yahi request hai ki ab aapko active hona padega apne bacche ke liye. Kyunki wo masoom hai, koi baal majdoor nahi. Isliye bacche ki sahi mental aur physical growth ke liye us par dhyan dena bahut zaruri hai.

Agar apke paas hindi me koi article hai to hame email ( par zarur share kare. Aap apne suggestions bhi hume bhej sakte hain. Pasand aane par hum apke naam ke sath use publish karenge. Aur is post ko zyada se zyada apne sabhi dosto aur social media par zarur share karein. Aapka ek share kisi ki zindagi bana sakta hai.

Free Stock Images Websites

Free Stock Images Websites in Hindi || फ्री स्टॉक फोटो वेबसाइट || Free Photo Website || Free Stock Photo Website || Free Photo Download Website.

free-stock-images-websites-pinterestAgar aap ek blogger ya youtuber hain to ye post aapke bahut kaam ki hai. Because is post me hum apke liye kuch aisa lekar aaye hain jo aapke kaam zarur aayega. 

Aur agar aap blogger ya youtuer nahi bhi hain to bhi ye post zarur pade kyunki isse aapko bhi fayda ho sakta hai.

Jab aap apna blog shuru karte hain, ya youtube channel shuru karte hain to aapko high quality images ki zarurat padti hai apni post aur video me lagane ke liye. Ya iske alawa kisi project ke liye bhi high quality aur high resolution wali images ki zarurat padti hai.


Copyright Issue क्या है ?

Aise me aap google par apne work ke liye images search karte hain. But waha par kuch problem aati hain. Like images high quality ki nahi hoti ya fir high resolution ki nahi hoti. Uske baad google bhi image ke niche ek message show karta hai “Images may be subject to copyright”. Aur is wajah se aap apne kisi bhi online project me ye image use nahi kar sakte.

Ab aise me kuch websites bhi available hain jo aapko high quality and resolution me images provide karati hain. But yaha se image download karne ke liye aapko kafi amount pay karna padta hai. Aur sath hi sath aapko apne project ke desctiption me credit bhi dena padta hai. Isi ke sath ye website ek aur option bhi deti hain jisme aap image to download kar sakte hain but wo high resolution nahi hogi ya fir watermarked hogi.

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CC0 (Creative Common Zero) License क्या है ?

Starting me problem hame bhi hui thi, but kafi research karne ke baad hame CC0 license ke bare me pata chala. Because digital media ko use karne ke alag alag license hote hain like Royaltee Free, Paid and CC0. CC0 license ka matlab hai ki aap us digital media ko free of cost use kar sakte hain, use edit kar sakte hain, distribute kar sakte hain, ya apne kisi bhi blog, youtube, digital project me use kar sakte hain.

Aur iske liye aapko koi bhi credit owner ko dene ki zarurat nahi padti hai. Lekin aap agar credit dete hain, to isse creator ko famous hone me help milti hai because hame bhi us creator ki wajah se hi free me content mila hai. Hum un sabhi photographers ka shukriya adaa karte hain, jinhone high resolution stock photos free me provide karayi hain wo bhi CC0 license ke sath.

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आप इन फ्री स्टॉक फोटो का इस्तेमाल करके अपने बहुत सारे पैसे बचा सकते हैं और आपको दूसरी वेबसाइट से फोटो खरीदने की भी ज़रूरत नहीं है।

Is post me hamne 10 sabse badi free stock images websites ko list kiya hai jo CC0 license ke sath high resolution images provide karti hain. Inme ek khas baat aur bhi hai ki aapko alag alag categories me lakho images asani se mil jayenge. 

Aur dusri acchi baat ye bhi hai ki inme se images download karne ke liye aapko signup karne ki bhi zarurat nahi hai. Aap directly images ko download kar sakte hain.

Agar aap bhi photographer hain to high quality photos is website par upload karke dusre logo aur website ko support kar sakte hain.

List of Top 10 Free Images Websites


















Inme se kon si website aapko sabse badiya lagi, hame comment karke zarur bataiye. Hum abhi apne blog ke liye inhi website se image download karte hain. Aur sath hi sath hum uske owner ko bhi credit dete hain. Aap hamare post ki header image ko dekh sakte hain.

Small Business for Women

Small Business for Women|| Mahilayo ke liye sabse behtar karobar || Mahilayo ke liye chhote karobar || Business for Women || महिलाओं के लिए सबसे बेहतर कारोबार || Business Ideas for Women || 


Aaj ki is post me hum aapko kuch small businesses (छोटे कारोबार) ke bare me batane wale hain. Ye aise karobar hain jinhe koi bhi lady asani se kar sakti hai. Waise to karobar ki kami nahi hai, lekin log aksar confuse rehte hain ki wo kya kare aur kaise kare.

small-business-ideas-for-womenLadies ko aksar thodi bahut pareshaniyo ka bhi samna karna padta hai. Agar unhe kam karne door jana pade to unke liye aur bhi zyada mushkil ho jata hai. 

Hum aapko aise karobar ke bare me batayenge ki aap unhe ghar se bhi kar sakte hain. Aur inhe sikhna bhi bahut asan hai. Sikhne ke baad aap asani se ye sabhi kaam kar sakte hain.

Kai ladies aisi bhi hain jinhone karobar me apne dum par bulandiyo ko chhua hai aur apni family ka naam roshan kiya hai.



Kaam karne ki zarurat kyu || काम करने की ज़रूरत क्यूँ

Aksar apne ghar ki zarurato ko pura karne, ek behtar zindagi jine ke liye ladies kaam karna shuru karti hain. Kabhi kabhi wo single mother hone ki wajah se bhi kam karna chahti hain. Kai ladies aisi bhi hain jinke paas apna pet bharne ke liye kisi aur ka sahara ni hota.

Kaam karke ladies apni family ko bhi support karti hain. Is tarah ki kai wajah ho sakti hain. Aur ye acchi baat bhi hai ki wo kisi par depend nahi rehti. To ab chalte hain wo aise kon se kaam hain jinhe ghar bethe bhi kar sakte hain. Inme acchi baat ye bhi ki inhe karne ke liye aapko badi degree ki zarurat nahi hai. Baki apne hunar aur lagan aur depend karega.

List of Small Business Ideas

1. Tuition Center/Coaching Center/Home Tution || कोचिंग सेंटर

business-ideas-for-women-tutionYe sabse behtar business idea hai jise kam se kam kharch me bhi shuru kiya ja sakta hai. Ise aap apne ghar se bhi shuru kar sakte hain.  Isme aap jitna accha result denge, next year me aapke paas utne hi candidate aur bad jayenge.

Baccho ko padane ke liye bas aapko ek kamre ki zarurat hai. Baad me ise aur bada coaching center bhi bana sakte hain. Iske liye aapko fir rent par space lene ki bhi zarurat pad sakti hai.

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2. Silai-Kadai || सिलाई – कढ़ाई || Best Business for Women

business-ideas-for-women-sewingSilai Kadai karna asan nahi hai lekin itna mushkil bhi nahi hai. Koi bhi lady ise asani se seekh sakti hai. Iske liye aapko apne kisi nazdiki silai kadai center se ye sab sikh sakti hain. Iske alawa youtube video se bhi silai karna seekh sakti hain. 

Ye ek aisa business jisme customer khud aapke ghar aata hai aur aapko kaam dekar jata hai.

Aur ise shuru karne ke liye aapko sirf 5000/- kharch karne padenge wo bhi silai ki machine kharidne ke liye. Ab baki kam apke hunar par depend karta hai aur aapki safai par. Kaam badne par aap apne sath aur bhi ladies ko laga sakti hain. Isse dusri ladies ko bhi kaam mil jayega. Aur aap silai kadai ki coaching dekar bhi earning kar sakti hain.


3. Knitting – Wallet/Purses || बुनाई और दस्तकारी

Yeh ek aisa business hai jisme aap bahut paisa kama sakte hain. Agar aap apne aas paas dekhein to logo ko customizez purses and wallet rakhne ka bahut shauk hai. Aur unke isi shauk ko aap apna business bana sakte hain.

Is business ke liye kisi degree ki zarurat nahi hai. Bas aapki creativity hi aapka business banegi. Aap jitna unique design banayenge, utna hi aapka business unique banega.

Isme istemal hone wala material bhi aapko asani se market me mil jayega jaise silk, cloth, beads, sequins, rhinestones, leather, denim etc. Ya fir aap online site se bhi purchase kar sakte hain jaise, etc.


4. Fashion Accessories/Fancy Jewelry Shop

Agar ghar ke aas paas hi koi kaam karna chahe to ye kaam bahut accha hai. Agar aapke paas khud ki shop hai to bahut acchi baat warna aap rent par shop le sakte hain. This is good business for Women.

Is shop ke ander aap alag alag fancy jewelry ka collection rakh sakte hain. Mak-up ka saman rakh sakte hain. Yakin maniye ye kaam bahut hi fayde wala hai jisme kharcha bhi bahut kam hai. Kyunki bade bade store par small fashion accessories nahi milti hain.

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5. Beauty Parlor & Make-Up || ब्यूटी पारलर

business-ideas-for-women-parlorBeauty parlor ke bare me to aap acche se jante hain aur aapne services bhi zarur li hongi. Bas wahi aapko bhi karna hai. Ek shop rent par leni hai. Aur uske baad usme furniture, mirror, chairs, cosmetics jaise saman ki zarurat padegi. Aap ise apne ghar me bhi kar sakte hain lekin shop me karna zyada accha rahega.

Ise shuru karne ke liye one time investment ki zarurat padegi. Aur aap beautician ka course karke ye kaam asani se kar sakte hain. This is traditional business for women.


6. Jewelry Repair Work || ज़ेवरात की मरम्मत

Yeh ek aisa kaam hai jise aap bahut kam space me bhi asani se kar sakte hain. Aapko sirf table, stool aur kuch jewelry ke tools ki zarurat padegi. Iske sath kuch chemical ke solutions ki zarurat padegi jo jewelry ko saaf karne aur chamkane ke liye istemal hote hain.

Is kaam ke liye aap koi bhi chhoti shop le sakte hain.


7. Customized Jewelry Maker || नए फैशन की ज्वेलरी

Agar aap creative ho aur aapko customized jewelry banana aata hai to ye kaam apke liye badiya rahega. Aap chahe to youtube ya dusri websites se bhi customized jewelry banana sikh sakte hain.

Aaj ke is fashion ke daur me customized jewelry ko ladkiya bahut pasand karti hain. Bas aapko naye naye design aur khoobsurat design banane honge. Jewelry banane ke liye material aap market se bhi kharid sakte hain ya online store ( se bhi kharid sakte hain.


8. Interior Design & Decoration Services || सजावट की सर्विस

business-ideas-for-women-interiorAajkal logo ko apne ghar ko sajane ka bahut shauk hai. Aise me unhe samajh ni aata ki kaise decoration ki jaye. To ye aapke liye ek behtar kaam ho sakta hai. Agar aap bade sheher me rehte hain to ye kaam aapko bahut fayda dega.

Log apne ghar ko ekdum unique aur khubsurat dekhna chahte hain. Aise me wo Interior Designer ki help lete hain. Designer ko sirf yahi karna hota hai ki kam se kam budget me ghar ki khubsurti badana. Aur agar aap ye kaam kar sakte hain to ye aapke liye accha option hai.

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9. Birthday Decoration/Small Party Decoration

Aksar log chhoti moti party ghar me hi karte hain. Aise me kuch log ghar ko khud saja lete hain to kuch dusre logo ki help lete hain. Isme sirf aapko yahi karna hota hai ki party ke according decoration karni hai. This is good idea in business for women.

Sath hi sath aap handmade customized gift banakar bhi sell kar sakte hain. Here is another girl who is running this business on her own


10. Computer Coaching/Training Class || कंप्यूटर ट्रेनिंग सेंटर

Computer ki coaching class dena bhi bahut aasan hai. Isme aap basic level ke course ki training de sakte hain jaise MS Office, Photoshop, Corel Draw etc. In course ko aap kisi training center se bhi sikh sakte hain ya youtube video se bhi sikh sakte hain.

Ise shuru karne ke liye aapko bas 3-4 computer ki zarurat padegi aur tables ki. Aur aapka training center start ho jayega.


11. Daycare Center / Play School for Kids

business-ideas-for-women-daycareDaycare center me aapko chhote bachho ki dekhbhal karni hoti hai jinke maa baap busy rehte hain. Aap ise 4-5 bachho ke sath hi shuru kar sakte hain. Iske liye aapko ek bade kamre ya hall ki zarurat padegi jisme kuch khilone ho baccho ke khelne ke liye aur activity karne ke liye.

Baccho ki saaf safai ke liye aap ek maid bhi rakh sakte hain monthly basis par. 


To aapko aaj ka hamara post kaisa laga, hame comment karke zaroor bateyein aur agar aapke paas bhi kuch aise hi unique ideas hain to hamare sath zaroor share karein. Hum apne blog me aapke idea ko zaroor publish karenge. 

Top Indian Bloggers & Their Income

Top Indian Bloggers & Their Income || भारत के 10 सबसे बड़े ब्लॉगर || Top Indian Bloggers and Their Income in Hindi || Bharat ke 10 Sabse Bade Blogger aur Unki Kamai || Bharat ke famous Blogger

Likhna ek aisi kala hai jiske zariye se aap apni soch, tazurba aur feelings ko dusre logo ke sath share kar sakte hain. Aur ye aapka sabse behtareen passion bhi ho sakta hai. Lekin kya aapko pata hai ki aap apne is passion se bahut acchi kamai bhi kar sakte hain?

top-indian-bloggers-and-their-income-verticalAaj ke is post me, hum aapko batayenge ki kaise logo ne blogging ko apna income ka zariya banaya. Aur wo top Indian bloggers aaj ki date me kitna kama lete hain. To ye sab jaanne ke liye hamari post ko aakhir tak pade aur fir hame batayein ki aap kya sochte is hobby ke bare me. Kya aap bhi ek safal blogger banna chahte hain? Blogging se jude sabhi sawalo ke liye hame comment bhi karein.

How to become Blogger || ब्लॉगर कैसे बनते हैं?

Inme se koi blogger aisa nahi tha jo God Gifted ho. Ye sabhi aap aur meri tarah hi ek aam insan the. But apni lagan aur mehnat se aaj ye itni kamai kar lete hain ki ek doctor ya engineer ko bhi itni salary nahi milti hai. Yaha tak ki kai companies ke CEO ki salary se zyada in bloggers ki income hai.

ज़्यादातर ब्लॉगर WordPress का इस्तेमाल करते हैं और अलग-अलग टॉपिक जैसे की टेक्नोलॉजी, कंप्यूटर, सॉफ्टवेयर, इंटरनेट, स्मार्ट फ़ोन, लाइफ स्टाइल, फ़ूड एंड ट्रेवल, मनी मेकिंग एंड ब्लॉग्गिंग टिप्स पर लिखते हैं।

Jabki ek doctor, engineer ya kisi company ka ceo banne ke liye aapko bahut zyada padai karni padti hai. Aur us padai me paisa bhi bahut kharch karna padta hai. Lekin blogger banne ke liye aapko badi degree ya investment ki zarurat nahi hai. Aap apna blog kabhi bhi apne desktop ya laptop se shuru kar sakte hain.

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Top 10 Indian Bloggers and Their Income List

Ye sabhi blogger likhna pasand karte hain aur inke lakho monthly readers hain. Hamne ek list bhi taiyar ki hai jisme blogger ki income and rank bhi mention hai.  Ye sabhi information alag alag sources se li gayi hai aur inki income estimated hai. 

Name Blog Monthly Earning Global Rank India Rank
Amit Agrawal  $60,000 15,757 3,582
Vinay Singhal  $50,000 3,558 5,747
Shradha Sharma  $30,000 9,516 657
Faisal Farooqui  $50,000 15,143 1,042
Harsh Agrawal  $52,000 14,957 1,943
Varun Krishnan  $22,000 27,133 2,407
Arun Prabhudesai  $15,000 66,347 4,501
Raju PP  $12,000 103,857 15,059
S Pradeep Kumar  $10,000 119,078 10,492
Srinivas Tamada  $20,000 140,428 13,191

1) Amit Agarwal - amit agarwal - badteraho
Image Source: Google Image

Indian blogging me sabse pehla naam inhi ka aata hai. Mr Agarwal IITian hai aur ek professinal blogger bhi hain. Inhone computer science me bhi engineering ki degree le rakhi hai aur kai MNC’s me kaam bhi kar chuke hain. Kai bloggers inki isi kamyabi se inpired hain. Inke blog ka naam hai Iske alawa inka ek aur online speech to text website hai jiska naam hai .

  • Monthly Earning: $60,000 (Estimated)
  • Income Source: Adsense, Paid Advertisements & Affiliate Income.
  • Blog/Website:
  • Alexa Global rank: 15,757
  • India Rank: 3,582
  • Started: 2004
  • City: USA


2) Vinay Singhal - Vinay Singhal - badteraho
Image Source: Google Image

Inhone Chennai ke college se padai ki hai aur ke owner hain. Vinay apne blog kai sare topics ke bare me likhte hain jaise technology, lifestyle, relationship, religion, travel, politics, photography etc. Ye duniya dusra sabse bada blog hai jisme viral content padne ko milenge.


  • Monthly Earning: $50,000 (Estimated).
  • Income Source: Adsense, Paid Advertisements.
  • Blog/Website:
  • Alexa Global rank: 3,558
  • India Rank: 5,747
  • Started: 2014
  • City: Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India


3) Shradha Sharma - Shradha Sharma - badteraho
Image Source: Google Image

Shradha Sharma ne Delhi ke St. Stephen’s College se history me BA aur MA kiya hai. Iske alawa Ahmadabad se MBA bhi kiya hai. Inki bahut hi famous website hai jiska naam hai jo ki 2018 me ke naam se shuru hui thi.

Blogging ki duniya me ye akeli lady hain jo top indian bloggers list me hain. Ye apne blog me dusre kamyab logo ki story batati hain ki kis tarah wo log success huye. Isme Entrepreneurs, Leaders, Founders aur Startups ki success stories padne ko milengi. Inke blog me abtak 15000 se zyada success stories likhi ja chuki hain.

  • Monthly Earning: $30,000 (Estimated).
  • Income Source: Adsense, Paid Advertisements & Affiliate Income.
  • Blog/Website:
  • Alexa Global rank: 9,516
  • India Rank: 657
  • Started: 2008
  • City: Bangalore, Karnataka, India

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4) Faisal Farooqui - Faisal Farooqui - badteraho
Image Source: Google Image

Inhone New York Binghamton University se padai ki hai aur ke founder hain. Ye blog a consumer research and services portal hai jisme log kisi product ya service ke bare me apna feedback batate hain. MouthShut is not a blog, but Faisal Farooqui ek popular Indian entrepreneurs zarur jane jate hain.

  • Monthly Earning: $50,000 (Estimated).
  • Income Source: Paid Advertisements, Affiliate Income, and Premium Membership.
  • Blog/Website:
  • Alexa Global rank: 15,143
  • India Rank: 1,042
  • Started: 2000
  • City: USA and (Mumbai – Headquarters) India


5) Harsh Agrawal

top indian bloggers Harsh-Agrawal-badteraho
Image Source: Google Image

He is B.Tech graduate in IT from Sharda University. Ye bhi online blogging ki duniya me bahut hi famous naam hai. Because ye apne blog me blogging tips, earning money online, Word Press and about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), social media marketing and web hosting plans ke bare me likhte hain.

  • Monthly Earning: $52,000 (Estimated).
  • Income Source: Adsense, Paid Advertisements & Affiliate Income.
  • Blog/Website:
  • Alexa Global rank: 14,957
  • India Rank: 1,943
  • Started: 2008
  • City: New Delhi, India


6) Varun Krishnan

top indian bloggers varun-krishnan-badteraho
Image Source: Google Image

Inhone St. Michael’s Academy se apni padai puri ki hai. Aur India ke most popular mobile blog – FoneArena ke owner bhi hain. Ye apne blog me smartphones, gadgets, smartphones and gadget reviews, new launched gadgets, latest news about gadgets ke bare me likhte hain.

  • Monthly Earning: $22,000 (Estimated).
  • Income Source: Adsense, Paid Advertisements.
  • Blog/Website:
  • Alexa Global rank: 27,133
  • India Rank: 2,407
  • Started: 2005
  • City: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


7) Arun Prabhudesai

top indian bloggers Arun_prabhudesai-badteraho
Image Source: Google Image

Padai me Civil Engineer ki degree li hai aur ke owner hain. Ye Indian Telecom ke bare me popular blog hai. Ye bhi apne blog me Technology, Telecom, Internet, and Mobile ke bare me likhte hain.


  • Monthly Earning: $15,000 (Estimated).
  • Income Source: Adsense, Paid Advertisements.
  • Blog/Website:
  • Alexa Global rank: 66,347
  • India Rank: 4,501
  • Started: 2007
  • City: Pune, Maharashtra, India

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8) Raju PP

top indian bloggers raju-pp-badteraho
Image Source: Google Image

Mr Raju Electronic Engineering me graduate hain aur ke founder hain. Ye apne blog me kai topics par likhte hain like technology, online tools, and web apps ke bare me batate hain.



  • Monthly Earning: $12,000 (Estimated).
  • Income Source: Adsense, Paid Advertisements.
  • Blog/Website:
  • Alexa Global rank: 2,23,816
  • India Rank: 34,943
  • Started: 2008
  • City: Bangalore, Karnataka, India


9) S Pradeep Kumar

top indian bloggers S-Pradeep-Kumar-badteraho
Image Source: Google Image

He is Graduated from SMK Fomra Institute of Technology and founder of HellBoundBloggers. Ye apne blog me social media aur uska sahi istemal, technology and blogging tips ke bare me likhte hain.



  • Monthly Earning: $10,000 (Estimated).
  • Income Source: Adsense, Paid Advertisements & Affiliate Income.
  • Blog/Website: 
  • Alexa Global rank: 2,23,816
  • India Rank: 34,943
  • Started: 2009
  • City: Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India


10) Srinivas Tamada

top indian bloggers Srinivas-Tamada-badteraho
Image Source: Google Image

Mr Srinivas ko programming ki acchi knowledge hai isliye unhone isi par blog likhna shuru kar diya. Aaj unka blog bahut hi popular programming blog hai. So top Indian bloggers me inki alag hi pehchan hai. Apne blog me wo programming, PHP, Ajax, and other web-design aspects wagerah ke bare likhte hain.

  • Monthly Earning: $20,000 (Estimated).
  • Income Source: Adsense, Paid Advertisements & Affiliate Income.
  • Blog/Website:
  • Alexa Global rank: 1,40,428
  • India Rank: 13,191
  • Started: 2009
  • City: Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

To ye the India ke top 10 blogger jinhone blogging ki duniya me apna career banaya aur aaj ek bahut hi kamyab blogger hain. But Inke alawa bhi India me abhi bhi bahut sare bloggers hain jinhone apni writing ki hobby ko apna profession bana liya hai. 

Agar aap bhi apna blog shuru karna chahte hain to hame comment karke zarur bateye. Aur hum apko batayenge ki blog kaise start karte hain. But Iske alawa bhi blog ke bare me hum aapko aur jankari dete rahenge to uske liye hamare blog ko subscribe bhi zarur kar lein.

Jaade Ki Dhoop Poem

जाड़े की धूप – कविता || Jaade Ki Dhoop Poem in Hindi || Jaade Ki Dhoop Ka Lutf


Waise to Jaade ke alawa aur bhi mausam hain jaise Garmi, Barsaat, Patjhad aur Vasant. Lekin Sardi ka mausam sabse suhawana hota hai. Shayad isiliye is mausam ko sabhi mausamo ki Rani bhi kaha jata hai. Isliye hum aapke liye laye hain Jaade ki dhoop Poem.

Lekin kya aapko pata hai, mausam kaise badalte hain?

Mausam badalne ki sabse badi wajah hai hamari Earth ka Suraj ke charo taraf chakkar lagana. Jab Earth Suraj ke bahut nazdeek hoti hai to Garmiya aa jati hain. Aur jab Suraj se bahut door hoti hai to Sardiya aa jati hain. Isi wajah se Sardiyo me Suraj ki roshni bhi kam aati hai aur kabhi kabhi to bilkul bhi dhoop nahi nikalti.

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जाड़े की धूप – कविता || Jaade ki Dhoop Poem

Aaj hum aapke liye laye hain “जाड़े की धूप” कविता (Jaade Ki Dhoop Poem in Hindi). Ye kavita bahut chhoti si hai lekin apko pasand aayegi. Kyunki is kavita me wo ehsas hai jo aap sabhi ne apni zindagi me zaroor mehsoos kiya hoga. 

Jab mausam bilkul saaf ho aur thandi thandi hawa apke galo ko chhu rahi ho, tab jade ki dhoop ka alag hi maza hai.

Ek alag hi ehsas milta hai khaskar jab aap naha dhokar subah subah bahar nikalte hain. 

Isliye ye kavita un sabhi ke liye jinhone jade ki dhoop ka lutf uthaya ho.


सुबह सुबह आकर समझाती,
हम सबको जाड़े की धूप।

जितनी सूरज की किरणे हैं,
उतने हैं बचपन के रूप॥

आँख खुले तो सलाम सभी को,
नित शाला को जाना।

नदी नाव से मिलजुल रहना,
सबको सुखी बनाना॥


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How to Prevent Dehydration in Summer

गर्मी में पानी की कमी का ऐसे करें उपचार || How to Prevent Dehydration in Summer in Hindi || How to Prevent Dehydration in Hindi || Garmi me pani ki kami ka aise kare ilaj || Garmi se bachne ke liye kya kare.


पानी का हमारे शरीर में किरदार || Importance of Water in our Body

Kya aap jante hain ki pedaish (जन्म) ke waqt hamari body me 75% pani hota hai jo umar (उम्र) badne ke sath kam hota jata hai. Bade hone par ek aadmi ke andar ye pani 60% reh jata hai jabki ek aurat me 55% ho jata hai. Aur hum aapko batayenge “How to prevent Dehydration”.

water-ratio-in-human-bodyHamari body ke sahi tarah se kaam karne ke liye yeh zaruri hai ki hum zaruri matra me pani peete rahein. Khastaur se Garmi ke mausam me, jab body me pani ki zarurat kafi had tak bad jati hai. Kyunki is mausam me kafi sara pani paseene ke zariye body se bahar nikal jata hai.

Garmi me hamari body se paseena nikalne ke sath sath body ke minerals (खनिज तत्व) bhi bahar nikal jate hain. Apne dekha bhi hoga ki paseena sukhne ke baad body par ya kapdo par safed dhabbe nazar aate hain, uski wajah yahi hai. 

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पानी की कमी से होने वाली परेशानियाँ || Problems with Water Scarcity

Agar aap body ki pani ki zarurat par dhyan nahi dete hain to isse aapko निर्जलीकरण (Dehydration) ki pareshani ka samna karna pad sakta hai.

Dehydration hone ki ek aur wajah ho sakti hai aur wo ye ki body me Potassium (पोटेशियम) ki kami ka hona. Kai baar ulti dast hone ki wajah se bhi Dehydration ho jata hai. Aisi soorat me body theek se kaam nahi kar pati hai. Jaise:

  • मुँह सूखने लगता है.
  • चक्कर आने लगते हैं.
  • होठों पर पपड़ी जमने लगती है.
  • थकान महसूस होने लगती है.

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पानी की कमी दूर करने के उपाय || Remedies to Prevent Dehydration || गर्मी में पानी की कमी का ऐसे करें उपचार

Is pareshani se nijaat pane ke liye aap bazar se ORS lakar to peete hi honge lekin agar aap chahe to ise ghar me bhi taiyar kar sakte hain.

Ise banane ke liye aap aadha chammach namak me 6 chammach chini aur 4 cup pani ko ek saaf bartan me kar lein. Ab aap ise aaram se milayein jisse ki pani me chini aur namak puri tarah ghul jaye. Is home made ORS ka istemal aap din me kai baar karein.

juicy-fruits-and-vegetablesIske alawa Dehydration hone par body me pani ke sath minerals to restore karne ka ek aur aasan tarika hai. Aap raseele fal aur sabziyo ko khaye jinem pani  ki matra (मात्रा) adhik ho. Jaise: 

  • फल: तरबूज़, खरबूज़, अंगूर, संतरा, अनार
  • सब्ज़ियाँ: तुरई, लौकी, पत्ता गोभी , खीरा, पालक और हरी पत्तेदार सब्ज़ियाँ
  • नारियल पानी का सेवन

Is tarah ke falo aur sabziyo ke khane se aapki body me pani ki kami puri ho jati hai. Sath hi sath isse aapko namak, minerals, shugar aur dusre poshak tatv (पोषक तत्व) bhi milte hain. Sabziyo se bana soup bhi poshtik (पौष्टिक) hota hai.

Agar aapko ulti dast hone ki wajah se Dehydration hua hai to aap Dahi bhi kha sakte hain. Isse aapko kafi fayda hoga aur sath hi sath apka digestive system (पाचन तंत्र) bhi behtar hoga. Iske istemal ke liye aap plane dahi ko din me kai baar khayein. Aap chahe to uble hue chawalo me bhi dahi aur halka sa namak milakar ise le sakte hain.

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पोटेशियम की कमी दूर करने के उपाय || Remedies to Reduce Potassium Deficiency

Potassium ki kami ko pura karne ke liye 2 kele rozana khaye kunki kele me adhik matra me potassium paya jata hai. Isse aapko Dehydration se to chhutkara milega hi, sath hi sath is tarah ki pareshaniya hone ki sambhavna bhi kam ho jayegi.

Chhachh (छाछ) me bhi potassium aur mangnesium jaise zaruri poshak tatv paryapt matra (प्रचुर मात्रा) me hote hain. Aap roz subah kam se kam ek cup chhachh ka istemal zarur karein.

Aaj ke is lekh me itna hi. Agar aapko ya kisi aur ko is tarah ki pareshani hoti hai to aap ghar bethe hi apna khyal khud rakh sakte hain. Aur dusro ka bhi khyal rakhne ke liye is post ko zyada se zyada logo tak share zarur karein.

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शब्द – अर्थ || Word – Meanings

  • किरदार = भूमिका (Importance)
  • ख़ासतौर = आमतौर (Usually)
  • निजात = छुटकारा (Prevent)
  • ख़याल रखना = ध्यान रखना (Care)
  • ज़रूरी = आवश्यक (Required)
  • निर्जलीकरण = पानी की कमी होना (Dehydration)